Careful analysis of all features of the object allows us to specify it with the most modern, high-quality, durable and multifunctional equipment, that will allow the facility to expand the spectrum of activities in high reliability and minimal costs.
All equipment

01. Lighting equipment

The lighting is one of the most important components of the scene. It is the light that can supplement the acting with new colors, emphasize the scenery and costumes. Our specialists develop variants of the stage lighting system for institutions of different scale – theater and concert halls, sports and entertainment facilities, solutions for mobile stage complexes, clubs, karaoke, restaurants, cafes, bars, assembly halls and so on.

02. Sound equipment

Sound is the key component of any event: a concert, a movie, a club or a restaurant visit. In order the perception of sound information doesn’t affect the negative impression of the listeners the experts of Belcultproject help to choose the correct sound sources and its optimal quantity to make the acoustic systems harmoniously fit in the interior.

03. Mechanical equipment

The mechanical equipment of the stage is the basis for equipping of the theater, mobile troupe, circus and so on. With the mechanical stage equipment it is possible to make variety in any performance to achieve extraordinary effects. In addition, we update and design new curtains, stage clothes.

04. Cinema and video equipment

Together with technology the spectators' expectation are also increasing. People visit modern cinemas with comfortable halls and large widescreen more willingly. One of the main directions of Belcultproject is the sale of cinema and video equipment as well as services for specifying and installing of all necessary cinema equipment including digital cinema projection (2D / 3D) systems.

05. Conference systems

The conference system is a complex of conference hall equipment that allows improving the quality of communication between the persons at the meeting and gives each participant the opportunity to be heard. Belcultproject helps its clients to choose and install the conference systems that can perform the full range of necessary tasks. Our systems are installed in the conference halls of various enterprises, organizations and educational institutions throughout the country.

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