The Digital Belt Pack (DBP) is one of RTS’ initial offerings in the wired digital
party line solution space. The DBP provides TALK and LISTEN capability for up
to four configurable audio conferences. In addition, the keys can be assigned for
dedicated resources such as relay control. When operating as a digital party line device, the DBP connects to the OMNEO
Main Station (OMS).

The DBP can also be connected directly via OMNEO to any
of RTS’ matrix products. This includes OMI cards in ADAM (or ADAM-M) frames
or OMNEO ports on ODIN frames. When connected to an RTS OMNEO matrix,
the DBP acts as a wired, 4-button keypanel. The DBP automatically determines
the correct mode of operation (digital party line connection to OMS or keypanel
connection to the matrix) at power on.

The DBP recovers power over an 802.3af or 802.3at compliant switch. One
Ethernet port (PoE In) connects to PoE compliant power sourcing equipment. A
second port (PoE Out) is available for daisy chain connections to other DBPs.
The DBP comes in a rugged, over-molded enclosure which is IP-53 compliant. It
has a full-color TFT display and an icon-based menu interface which allows for
local configuration of key customer preferences.


  1. Incorporates both XLR and 3.5mm TRRS connectors for headsets
    which are available in 3 different headset XLR options: 4-pin
    female, 4-pin male, and 5-pin female. The 5-pin female headset
    supports stereo audio.
  2. PoE powered via an 802.3af or 802.3at managed switch or PoE
    injector. Contains a PoE In and PoE Out port which allows up to 6
    DBPs to be daisy-chain connected to the same PoE(+) switch port.
  3.  Supports Bluetooth audio connectivity to a streaming audio device
    or mobile phone using either an IO Gear GBU522 dongle or an LM
    Technologies LM506 dongle.
  4. DBP can be connected to the OMNEO main station (Digital
    Partyline) or an OMNEO capable matrix (OMI card or ODIN).
    DBP can support up to four active Party Lines. 40 DBP’s can
    be connected to OMS (based on the model), 64 DBP’s can be
    connected to one OMI card (based on the model), 128 DBP’s can
    be connected to one ODIN (based on the model).
  5. Incoming CALL notifications via audible alerts or haptic vibration.



OMNEO Main Station

OMS (OMNEO Main Station) is the beginning of a new era of intercom systems called RTS Digital Partyline. This powerful single system bridges legacy analog partyline users who wish to migrate to digital functionality while using their existing equipment. Furthermore, OMS connects both wired and wireless intercom products. OMS represents an incredibly versatile and easy-to-use solution for a wide range of applications – a communications multi-tool for theaters, houses of worship, industrial, broadcast and event venues.

  • Supports up to 40 OMNEO or ROAMEO belt packs and up to 16 party lines. Ethernet connectivity through copper or fiber connections available.
  • Supports 4 ports of analog AIO 4-wire and 4 ports of analog 2-Wire (RTS / Audiocom / Clear-Com formats supported). Auto nulling capability (echo cancellation) available on 2-Wire interfaces.
  • Supports up to 8 keypanels (any mix of analog/OMNEO/RVON) depending upon product licensing. (Maximum 4 analog)