About us

About us

Specialists of the company offer on individual orders non-standard solutions for the work coordination of different technical systems, the creation of software complexes and the development of various technical means and software products.

Careful analysis of all features of the object allows us to specify it with the most modern, high-quality, durable and multifunctional equipment, that will allow the facility to expand the spectrum of activities in high reliability and minimal costs.

Specialists trained in Germany, Netherlands, the USA and Italy choose the equipment that most closely matches the object’s goals and tasks, implement all designing works in the acoustic model computer calculation, perform installation and commissioning work, train the maintenance staff of the facility to work with supplied equipment.

Currently Belсultproject is one of the largest suppliers of sound and light equipment in Belarus. Our capabilities cover a wide range of professional equipment  of world known manufacturer from Japan, the USA and Western Europe and of the most dynamically developing companies from Southeast Asia, Europe and CIS countries in the fields of:

areas of our activity


Public address systems for administrative and industrial objects


Emergency announcement and evacuation alarm systems


Sound systems including Dolby Surround


Interior and architectural lighting systems


Concert and theater lighting systems


Conference systems


Video projection systems


Simultaneous translation systems


Multimedia presentations projectors


Sound and lighting equipment for entertainment industry facilities (restaurants, discos, nightclubs)


Radio and TV stations equipment


Mechanical stage equipment

Belсultproject Ltd. is a professional team that can provide a full range of services for the design, installation and adjustment of concert lighting systems, sound systems, warning, architectural lighting of administrative, public, industrial, sports facilities, as well as television and radio studios, conference systems and video projection systems.

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One of the most important areas of Belcultproject's increase is the development of the network of retailers for music instruments, sound reinforcement and lighting equipment, united under the registered trademark "MUZZONE"


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